Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Exhibition review Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Exhibition review - Research Paper Example The concepts approached by this exhibition were able to define and develop new beliefs and ideologies relating to contemporary issues in society and culture as well as direct relationships to the understanding of these philosophies to the personal associations by artists. The main theme exhibited through these displays was based on the question of modernism, what this meant when coming out of the past trends in art and having an uncertain future in the development of society and art. The display of modern art was then which displayed specific associations and questions about the relationships to modernism as a trend in art and society. The concepts in the modern art exhibit consisted of four main rooms that were based on specific themes and ideologies. This included the concept of â€Å"Born to Concrete,† the â€Å"Heide Exhibit,† Outside Sculpture displays and sculpture and paintings based on the ideology of relief. Each of the projects displayed are based on contemporary issues noted by modern artists and the expectations that are related to and which are associated with this. This is combined with the current ideologies in contemporary art, specifically with artists in their formative or early stages. This combines a specific form of creativity and approaches to expression by the artists being displayed at the modern art exhibit in Melbourne (Short, 15). While this was the main association with the artists, there were also expansions with the thematic material, all which related to the contemporary cultural and social ideologies, while associating with the modern complexities in society. The first display of â€Å"Born to Concrete† shows a combination of poetry with the sculptures, both which work together to create a specific message about the combination of artwork. This avant-garde form is one which works as an intermedium that combines two messages into one. The hybrid form is able to produce an

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