Saturday, November 2, 2019

Proposal Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Proposal - Research Paper Example special learning strategies, worked out for autistic students and there is almost no researches directed on the study of teacher’s role in the learning process of autistic students. This proposal makes an emphasis on the importance of teacher’s role in the learning process of autistic students and underlines the necessity of an individualistic approach and personal charisma of a teacher. At the same time, there is no a necessity to delimit normal students from students with autism. Their talents and creative potentials are equal. An emphasis on teacher’s positive and patient attitude to autistic students can be explained by a strong motivation occurrence in the learning process. Teacher’s positive attitude stimulates autistic students to work hard and keep pace with their group mates. Another strong point is that teacher’s attitude should be formed with regard to special teaching strategies though not turning into a ‘template teaching’. Therefore a combination of general teaching strategies with special teaching strategies; involvement of creative strategies in the learning process and an active communication of teacher and students are considered as the most appropriate techniques in teaching autistic students. Autism is a disorder in brain, which influences on learning abilities of a student. In accordance with definition provided by APA (2000), autism is characterized by disorders influencing on communicative and social abilities and behavior of a student. A degree of various behaviors in different spheres of activity differs among autistic individuals (Joshi, 2002). Teachers of autistic students should pay attention to development of communicative skills (Rao & Gagic, 2006). Teacher-student communication is often disturbed by social prejudices concerning autistic students. They are often treated by teachers as students with less creative potential, talents etc. In order to change teachers’ attitudes to students with autism, it is relevant to

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